Welcome to Great Lakes National Holdings Inc.


Great Lakes National Holdings Inc. is a virtual airline specializing in regional flights on regional aircraft.  What Great Lakes does and does well is feature flights under these guidelines.  Our airline does not fly cargo or large passenger jets, instead we focus on short flights, take off and landings, isn't that what flying in flight simulator is all about?  We utilize Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, FSX and the VA Financials ACARS system.  Pilots will need to make sure they have the latest version of FSUIPC.  Great Lakes operates virtually as an actual company, featuring real flights, aircraft routing and news reporting.  We strive for realism down to the financial aspects of the company so only the serious pilot should apply. 

We welcome you aboard Great Lakes Express and Premier West!



1. Although we use a pilot ranking system you are not required to fly a certain aircraft to move to the next aircraft
2. We do not require our pilots to fly on VATSIM or any other network
3. You are free to fly any division, route, or aircraft (within the route specifications).


Below is our application for Great Lakes Express and Premier West, the process is easy and very strait forward.  Please provide answers to all of the questions below for a fast response from Great Lakes Express and Premier West. 

Great Lakes National Holdings Pilot Manual

Now that you have sent us your application you will receive a email from Great Lakes Express once your application has been reviewed and approved.  Your email will contain an activation link which you must complete to begin flying for Great Lakes.  You will be asked for a username and password for your personal pilot client which is used to track your flight (for our live map), passenger manifest and financials.  Once you have activated your account you will be given a link to download the client.  Please download the pilot client and install it.  Once installed you can run the client and begin your flight.  Please follow all instructions carefully and enjoy your new airline.

To ensure our pilot roster remains up to date there are a few requirements we must ask each pilot to comply with and they are as follows:
  • Each pilot must record a minimum of 1 flight per 30 days, after that a pilot becomes INACTIVE
  • A pilot can remain in a INACTIVE state for a period of no more than 30 days before removal from the roster.
  • Pilots can request a Leave of Absence for any reason, this LOA will be honored for 30 days.
  • Basically a pilot can remain on the Great Lakes roster for up to 90 days if you follow the procedure.
  • Once a pilot is removed from the roster and desire reinstatement they must re-apply and "start over".